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We won't have equality until we all spiritual recognition beyond this physical plane. 

Let's go beyond! 


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What if your online presence was attracting new clients, sales, and expanded your reach of your business every. single. day without doing anything other than clicking 2 links?

…without you hiring a social media manager

…without paying an Instagram model or photographer

…AND without having to create professional looking videos just to be recognized...

Here’s the thing:


Even though the internet can seem super annoying and overwhelming at times (it must be a Leo 😉)...


It’s actually really easy to leverage the reach you have once you understand a few secrets about the algorithms.

Believe it or not, YOU are influencing the algorithm and the algorithm is influencing YOU (whether you believe it or not) - you just need to understand HOW it works!



SPOILER: Brands, entrepreneurs, and news outlets actually want to talk to you and hear your story and they are tired of looking for you!  

Each creative endeavor you crave to be recognized and finally start making the big changes and working alongside movers and shakers. But you aren't sure where to begin and the anxiety of the whole thing is too much!

The first step is to stop waiting for them to reach you and reach out to them! You're a magnet - so use your attraction.

I’m gonna teach you— word-for-word— how to pitch yourself like an embodied expert. 

If you’ve ever wanted to:

  • see your story and expertise on your favorite news sources 

  • land a keynote speaking gig or Ted X talk

  • be interviewed for your opinion 

  • land a partnership/sponsorship with your dream brand.

  • This is for you.

You’ll receive:

  • My event sponsorship pitch

  • My press feature pitch 

  • My partnerships pitch which has landed more than $100K for my clients over time

  • A Bonus 90 day Event planning template

  • Fill in the blank email templates

  • Word for word sponsorship template

  • BONUS: My exact email that landed my FORBES feature.

The first feature I received didn't change my life but it did impact my success and my happiness expanded, and it can do the same yours as well.

With multiple word-for-word template that are easily customizable, this is the product that could lead to your big break— all for less than $20.

Let's get into it! 



Have you ever wanted to listen to something while you draw your tarot cards that's catered to ignite messages through the somatic experience alone. Well wait no longer. Here are multiple playlists from the energy that is behind Metaphysical AF. 

Twin Flame 


Psychic Beings



Don't know where to start when it comes to reading tarot? 

I'm built a one-of-a-kind, non judgmental community where you can learn exactly how to read, use, create your own oracle and tarot deck, and receive exclusive access to the Metaphysical Cannabis Oracle Deck!

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